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Jasmin Schaitl

first performed on December 8, 2016
WUK, Vienna, Austria
performed once in 2016


Nanina Kotlowski

Berlin, Germany / Vienna, Austria


“pan—oscillate” is a movement and sound performance based on the inherent qualities of the sound terms ‘panning’ and ‘oscillating.’ These qualities are referenced and translated into movement scores for three performers and a live sound composition.

In “pan—oscillate,” three ventilators and three rolling frames are used. Their roles alternate between being sound and visual sources, to being the inspiration for movement and sound; from being objects to being active performers.

The performance consists of four sections. In sections one and two, the performers repeat a series of short movement phrases, phasing in and out of unison. In section three, the performers set and re-set rolling vertical frames with hanging white paper, creating different visual images, which move as the paper is blown by the wind of the ventilators. In the fourth section, the three performers complete a cycle of movements, each in a single position in front of a frame. As they progress through the phrases, they reach points of duo and trio in unison. The performers exit one by one, each removing a frame, eventually leaving three oscillating ventilators facing the audience.

The sound ranges from very subtle to very loud, from low sub-tones which vibrate the entire space to panning mid- and high-frequency sine-tones, sometimes short and sometimes long and droning. The sound of the ventilators is amplified through microphones, creating a wind sound mixed with feedback. The sound of the performers, as well as the sound of the blowing paper, are also considered in the scores.