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Chloe Wong and Nabeela Vega

first performed on November 19, 2016
Boston Center for the Arts, Black Box Theater, Boston, MA
performed once in 2016


Cambridge, MA


What does it mean to be intimate? It means to make the deepest, innermost parts of oneself known. With this in mind, which spaces allow for real intimacy? I struggle to be intimate both online and IRL.

In “[Insert Pasture Here],” I imagine a third space, a projected pasture (in part inspired by Microsoft XP’s universal desktop background Bliss) where I might go to graze on my emotions, feed my thoughts, and nourish my inner self while basking in a certain cozy, familiar bliss.

For this piece, I wrote down a series of actions and scripts (e.g. playing an electronic siren; singing a song; reading a poem, diary entry, or literary quotation; reciting a piece of life advice or inner anxiety; sharing the etymology behind key words) on index cards to be shuffled at the beginning of the performance by an audience member and then executed by the performer in a randomized order.

In the performance, I orchestrate a living yet scripted negotiation with intimacy within a predetermined pasture. Through a live, interactive performance mediated by chance, I seek small moments of intimacy and connection with the audience while exploring ideas of home, safety, and identity.

Video documentation: