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Pep Civis

first performed on September 17, 2016
La Muga Caula Festival, Les Escaules, Catalunya,
performed once in 2016


Braojos de la Sierra, Madrid, Spain


“P.E.C.” stands for “Piensa El Corazön” (“Thinks the heart”)

“El corazón tiene la razón y la razón lo sabe” (“The heart is right and reason knows it”)

—Anonymous, found by the performer Fina Miralles.

Neural circuits connect the brain of the heart and the brain of the head—two fundamental aspects of consciousness. Sometimes, the heart makes a decision and the head follows. The intelligence of the cerebral cortex is limited in comparison to that of the heart. Science and spiritual traditions come together when we are prepared to intentionally follow our heart. The content of the performance is influenced by scientific research, but I progress beyond this, investigating how to make these considerations visual through movement, originating in the body and memory in which I live. The challenge is how to externalize, in an intelligible form, the feelings that burn inside oneself. Is it poetry? Theatre? Performance? Dance Politic? I believe that in fact, the answer to this doesn’t matter. It is simply important we are alive in ourselves. “Pensar amb el cor / Penser avec le coeur / Think with the heart. Core, nucleus, kernel, center // Can you hear how your heart thinks? I have tried it.”

Performance: an old country house in Les Escaules, Alt Empordá, Catalunya. The horizons of the sea and the mountain expanded the image of my quiescent body. I was covered with red velvet, I was a red dot on the roof. I was a red dot in the earth. A red dot in the heart. The red dot moved and fell to the void. My body fell and hit the ground. Suicide was a lie, my dear surrealists. It was about surviving one. Almost dead. The void was so full of life that my heart flew in love. And my heart kept throbbing. With earth and leaves stuck in the body, with blood in the hand and in the head, I discovered the book of Santiago Ramón y Cajal. I went back to the roof. I smiled. I activated my body with laboratory objects, I searched for the key of my heart and I sang “Indomitable is the beauty of life.” A bird came out of my mouth. The throat went through so much love…. The heart was a tree root embedded in a tennis ball. I opened my shirt and stuck the root on my chest. The children looked at me, hypnotized. I sung “Indomitable is the beauty of life.” I drifted away through the trees until my human figure dissolved into the landscape.