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Julia Bauer

first performed on July 27, 2016
Tempting Failure CIC International Festival of Performance and Noise Art, London, UK
performed twice in 2016


Toulouse, France


As part of the performance in London, I made references to the cycles “Corpulences” and “The narcissistic bursting.” Even though these two processes use distinct performative devices, they both refer to gender questioning through fragmentation stereotypes (the broken body) and their recomposition (reconstruction of a deformed harmony).

The performance was therefore designed specifically for the Hackney Showroom, which has excellent acoustics and a very high ceiling. In this sense, the action took place in two sequences: the first, sound, realized with the noises of the movements of my electric wheelchair connected to wireless microphones; the second performative sequence involving a ham suspended above me as I am lying down. With a stapler, the assistant transferred the clothes and images of the parts of the body taken live with a polaroid. After the performance, I left in the space as installation: my shoes placed next to the exit door, tangled in a blue woolen thread, as well as the piece of modified ham, always attached to the electric wheelchair.

The characteristic of the work done in London is the use of a ham, an element never present in a subsequent performance. This transgression is intended to evoke an intangible body that can be simple plastic support but represents a certain vitality.

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L’éclatement narcissique: