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Katrin Woelger

first performed on July 2, 2016
Town Gallery, Kapsali, Greece
performed once in 2016


Vienna, Austria


“IF” was an intervention conceived for the Athens Performance Biennale titled No Future, which took place in Athens and on the island of Cythera. Under the title No Future, this guerrilla biennial brought together forms of artistic, political, and theoretical practice and discourse questioning the potential of a collective refusal to a referred futurity. What about future? Does it exist? Does time exist? Is time linear? Does superstition play a part? If so, how do you think about it—do you act consciously (intentionally), unconsciously (without thinking), or perhaps simply out of habit?

Sixteen figures formed by a randomized process involved recursion followed by analysis:

material: to be found

a handful of stones or beans or anything that can be counted if available

or a stick and a soft floor like sand if available

or a piece of paper and a pen if available


the artist sits down with a guest

the guest asks about the future

the artist answers questions about the future with the help of the material

the material gives the answers through one of sixteen signs which derive from four lines of points found through throwing or mindless drawing

i.e. > ••••• •

•• ••

•••• ••

•••••••• •• means: + joy

the artist and the guest talk about future

the artist makes a list of topics which were talked about

the guest tattoos the artist with the sign regarding her/his future