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Miles Greenberg

first performed on June 14, 2016
Galerie Mainline, Montreal, Canada
performed twice in 2016


Montreal, Canada


What story, memories, history are installed in my body? Why do we deny aging severely in this era?

In “Magnify,” I highlighted and exposed the details of my aging body; wrinkles, veins, bone structure, pimples, hair. Participants were allowed to take a close look at my body, while experiencing a text in which I talked about body, skin, aging, and death. Both these elements represent the features that unify us in our otherness. During the performance I explored playing with sound (using a microphone), words, breathing, nudity, movement, veiling, and unveiling. A soundtrack of funeral bells played throughout the whole performance.

Extracts of the spoken word:

‘Everyday when I wake up, I put my bones in order, I count my wrinkles. My skin remembers the first wound.

I remember my first wound, I remember my first scar.

I open my eyes and I count my wrinkles.

My skin is my home, my home is my skin.

One day I will leave my my skin.

One day my skin will leave me.’

These fragments of my spoken word text were combined with slow movements made while under, and coming out of, a veil, which was hanging from the ceiling. The text speaks of the relationship I have with my body, honoring the beauty of imperfections.

The performance concluded with the realization that one day I have to leave this ‘home’ for good and that my ‘home’ will leave me.