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Denys Blacker

first performed on May 14, 2016
Gallery North, Newcastle Upon Tyne, England
performed once in 2016


York, North Yorkshire, England


“Mean” was presented at FLARE 2; co-organized by Harriet Plewis, Helen Collard, Denys Blacker, and Sandra Johnston.

This performance continues my exploration of language-centred performance art. I performed a series of actions whilst holding whiskey inside my mouth. “This burns the site of language to be cited” (paraphrased from Christof Migone), and is followed by an act of writing with the voice.

“Mean” uses the following performance score:

  1. Hold whiskey in mouth for duration of action

  2. Move child shoes with adult feet

  3. Hang child shoes round nape and stumblewalk

  4. Spit whiskey-saliva over hairy arm and into palm

  5. Call “whiskey” repeatedly