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Thomas Reul

first performed on April 27, 2016
17qm-project, Cologne, Germany
performed once in 2016


Essen, Germany


Nylon string

3 white reels

1 egg

2 plastic cups filled with water and with soapy water

Baby powder

I prepared this performance in a private room of a shared flat, which then became a public space for the evening. The general aim was to reinvent the salon-series and emphasize that art can be presented everywhere.

Half of the room was emptied and tidy. I stretched the nylon string across the room and leaned my neck and mouth against it in order to deform my face, making sounds. At one point, the nylon string ripped apart.

I then lifted the thread from one of the three reels, stretching it out to my whole body length. I took the egg and let it slide into one of the water filled plastic cups. Water dripped onto the floor. I took the next thread and attached it to the lamp, leaving it hanging. I took the cup with the soapy water, clamped it into my mouth, and started making bubbles. I shook the cup with my mouth and started gargling. Soap bubbles ran down my neck. I took the last thread and let it slide to the ground in order to create patterns on the dark red floor. After that, I lay down on the floor and grabbed the can of baby powder. I slowly started hitting the floor with it and the white powder covered me and the floor.

The most important part in this performance was to minimize the number of materials used, which helped to focus both my and the audience’s attention, providing clarity around the actions. The small and intimate size of the space was also particularly relevant. It forced me to perform slowly and patiently, to emphasize the small gestures and material changes, and to put the audience at ease within the situation. I concentrated on the creation of an intense action whilst highlighting the beauty of small things—like the white thread and the sinking egg in the plastic cup. I was searching for images and actions that play with certain qualities of disgust, erotica, failure, sensibility, and gender. Furthermore, I was seeking to manifest the beauty and simplicity of the ‘now’ through the distillation of these aspects.