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Rosie Ranauro

first performed on March 5, 2016
Proof Gallery, Boston, MA
performed once in 2016


Boston, MA


“Wave (One)” is the first in a series of performances that deals with loss, mortality, and grief.

In this performance I hold a piece of black fabric. It starts neatly folded and compact. I present it to the audience before unwrapping it, one fold at a time. As it comes unfolded, it becomes more unruly in my hands, until I am moving it into many different shapes. The fabric itself, like grief, appears finite, but is capable of taking on an infinite number of shapes. I perform the action of making shapes for approximately ten minutes, before unfolding it so it is completely open. I hold it up in front of me, eclipsing my presence from the audience. This action is performed for five minutes.

The same actions are then repeated with a piece of gray fabric, followed by a white one. At the end of the performance, all three pieces of fabric have returned to their prior state of being neatly folded.

I aimed to bring the grieving process to the surface, face it, and present it. These actions were carried out among various objects belonging to my mother, who had passed away six months prior to the performance. By performing amongst these objects, I aimed to present both a sense of fluidity and fragility, tying together the past and the present.