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Lolo Hjtyu Tuyuyu

first performed on January 21, 2016
Sporting Club Russafa, Valencia, Spain
performed three times in 2016




“If does not exist through certain resistance, it cannot become conscious of itself”

­—Bartolomé Ferrando

In my work I strive to bring to the surface the inner part of myself through basic sensations, playing with repetition, depletion, transformation, and energy. I would like to understand the intimacy concept not as something fixed and static, but as something that exists within a continuous process. This helps me answer the need for re-connection with nature. Materiality and immateriality. A movement that shows how the human being and the landscape are intimately linked and constantly in communication.

In the performance piece “Resistance” I share the continuous relation of protection and responsibility with the earth, where the body submerges itself in it and transforms from the inside out. It means no more than sharing the intense moments that resistance to exhaustion cause, carrying with my arms a huge mountain of earth from a site to the opposite side of the room. The performance starts when I insert my head between the earth, limiting my breathing. It ends when I (with earth inside of my eyes and exhausted by the repetition) leave.

Energy is my starting point, appealing to the repetition to dilate time and to extend the channel of communication. I consider energy to be fundamental in performance because through it begins transformation. Energy opens a dialogue between the public and the performer, replacing the concept of a passive spectator with an active one. My intention is to sensitize through movement.

“Resistance” was coordinated by Dialeg Obert via an independent performance platform that focuses on the research, training, production, and dissemination of performance art and enables different artists to converge and share their ways of practicing and understanding performance art. Twelve works (each fifteen minutes in length) are presented one after the other. In coexisting in this way each work is transformed, heard, generated, dialogued, and above all, opened, aside the other works.