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Allison Rentz

first performed on February 21, 2015
Art Papers Auction, Atlanta, GA
ongoing in 2015


Atlanta, GA


In an effort to address the lack of financial support for artists working in performance and installation art, I encourage people to give tips to artists at art openings. “Tip Your Artist” is an ongoing, social practice performance that demonstrates that art IS work. In this performance, I go to art openings and target people that seem to be enjoying the art—like people taking photographs with their cellphones, for example. I hand them an envelope and say, “when you like some art but you aren’t going to buy it, please give the artist a dollar (or more if you are able) to thank her for creating that beautiful moment that you experienced.”

In response to input from the audience, this project has evolved from me handing out fliers to distributing handmade laser printed envelopes that people can put the tips in. I have employed various online marketing techniques to help spread the word and created an installation with 1,000 envelopes in Savannah, Georgia.

A lot of people go to art openings for the party factor, but they don’t necessarily buy the art. I am trying to get people to give artists money to thank them for their work. This is a grassroots, alternative funding source for the arts and this is my performance.

Art IS work.