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Shir Ende

first performed on November 10, 2014
Alejandra Van Helsing’s living room, Chicago, IL
performed seven times in 2014


Chicago, IL


The duration of each intervention varies from 10 to 30 minutes.

The participants and I gather all the objects in their living rooms (objects on the wall must be taken down as well), to create a border in the middle of the frame of the camera.

Then we settle.

We then each take objects from the border to claim a space in a predetermined side.

As we disassemble the border, we gradually start entering each other’s side, erasing the separation and creating a shared territory.

The performance is done when all objects have been moved and have claimed a space. (If I, the guest/artist, touches an object that should not be touched or moved a certain way throughout this interaction, participants are allowed to intervene.)

The “living rooms project” is the negotiation of space through the placement of objects. I create interventions in living rooms of different individuals as a guest, intruder and settler. As we strategically rearrange their domestic space within the frame of the video camera, the participants become my collaborators and opponents. Considering the politics of the domestic space, the roles and power dynamics shift as I attempt to inhabit and occupy the space of others by implementing my own rules. Through this non-verbal negotiation, a temporary border is constructed and disfigured as we divide and share the space.