project image
Felipe Cidade

first performed on October 9, 2014
14 St and Ave of Americas, New York, NY
performed once in 2014


São Paulo, Brazil


“Taste of Freedom” is a performance artwork which investigates diverse questions through the single act of serving a typical food from a specific region/culture with ingredients and condiments from another region/culture that was or still are in conflict/war. Epistemologically this work reflects on immigration, the metamorphosis between cultures and the ways in which politics can (but shouldn’t) intervene in the transmission and comprehension of culture.

Using a table made specially for street food sellers (easy to carry and mount) with drawings and writings (that outline the logic of the work’s proposal) and serving the food myself (neither acting nor pretending to play a role), “Taste of Freedom” positions the food and the junction between the ingredients as the most powerful elements at play.

In the same way that cultures/religions/political views can be at odds with each other but still develop mutual respect, “Taste of Freedom” outlines the ways in which specific regions in the world—while at odds traditionally can ultimately come together.

Pascal says that God doesn’t reveal to man the order of everything, but he also doesn’t entirely hide it. There is access to partial truth in mathematics, physics, geometry and beyond. In this case, I like to think that the food operates as a kind of access point to a potential partial truth.