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Andrés Galeano
1, 2, 3

first performed on October 4, 2014
EMMEDIA, M:ST Festival, Calgary, Canada
performed once in 2014


Berlin, Germany

1, 2, 3


High performance running clothes and drinks, elliptical cross trainer.

Video “Loading” 2014, 16:9, 35 min. (loop), fragments of Youtube.

4 channel audio installation with 2700 tracks of 4 seconds selected randomly and played by a computer program.


“1, 2, 3” is an installation-performance based on rotating sound, Youtube video footage and one long durational action.

A voice repeats “1, 2, 3” uninterruptedly. A collection of four second field recordings from different parts of the world, abruptly recorded during one year. 2700 soundtracks are played, randomly selected by a computer program. 1…2…3… like a martial tempo of a transitory body confused in time. 1…2…3… as a sound check for… 1… 2… 3… for a disciplined workout and high performance… 1…2…3… a blocked enumeration for a non-exhausted body suspended in loop…

The performance lasts three hours and is obsessively shredded in seconds. Perhaps a footnote to the old and arthritic Cunningham in its minimal choreography for the video installation “Stillness” by Tacita Dean. Or maybe the search of reaching a trance state through fitness. Or just the simple boredom of a repetitive voice filling the emptiness of a diary when you forgot what to say… Once and again… 1… 2…3… running in circles is running around… uno, dos, tres…