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Corey Dunlap

first performed on August 1, 2014
ACRE Residency, Steuben, WI
performed three times in 2014


Los Angeles, CA


The moon orbits the earth. Both of those simultaneously orbit the sun. Our sun orbits the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. All of these orbits happen without consideration for or knowledge of our daily movements and interactions. It’s easy to forget these celestial bodies are constantly moving while we are constantly moving, and thinking, and breathing, and consuming.

The idea of scale brings all of these actions together. I wanted to add to this spectrum of scale with this orbit. I wanted to create a small moment with some rope, an outdated lunar globe, and me spinning. I affixed the globes at the end of a 15 foot long rope and found an open field that could handle the diameter of the orbit. I began to spin, letting the centrifugal and centripetal forces lift the globe into the air to begin the orbit. The globe spun around me in wild and inconsistent circles. Every few moments I would get dizzy, let the globe drop, and then begin again. The action was repeated until I could no longer stand.

I also want to include the words that inspired this work. This excerpt of text is from a 1980’s children’s book titled Earth: Our Planet in Space by Seymour Simon:

“You live on Earth. You may live in a city or in the country. You may live where snow often falls or where it never snows at all. But wherever you call home, you live on Earth. We all live on Earth.”