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Matt Dunn

first performed on July 11, 2014
Department of Columbia Arts Center, Washington DC, USA
performed four times in 2014


Marc Mosteirin

Lima, Peru


I show up, spill oil in the floor, take out my shoes and start having conversations with people about police brutality, queer community and POC. While I’m telling the audience my personal experiences in regards to these topics, I start slipping on the floor, interrupting the conversations by multiple falls while getting wet with the oil. After this I tell people I want to share a prayer from “the deepest part of herself.” I take off my pants, pull a paper out of my vagina and start reading it, getting louder and louder:

Litanies to my heavenly brown body

Blessed are the sissies

Blessed are the boi dykes

Blessed are the people of color my beloved kith and kin

Blessed are the trans

Blessed are the high femmes

Blessed are the sex workers

Blessed are the authentic

Blessed are the dis-identifiers

Blessed are the gender illusionists

Blessed are the non-normative

Blessed are the gender queers

Blessed are the disabled

Blessed are the hot fat girls

Blessed are the weirdo-queers

Blessed is the spectrum

Blessed is consent

Blessed is respect

Blessed are the beloved who I didn’t describe, I couldn’t describe, will learn to describe and respect and love.


People answer Amen, then i leave the space.