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Flux Aeterna

first performed on May 2, 2014
preFAB Space, San Diego, CA
performed once in 2014


San Diego, CA /


“Script-Rescript” was a performance between flutist Rachel Beetz and myself in which lines drawn on a paper surface were translated or interpreted into musical notation for the flute and vice versa. As I made a mark on the paper, Rachel began to play a tone. When she saw a change in my hand, she initiated a musical change with her instrument. I heard her progression and translated that movement back into a visual form. We fed off of each others lines working to create an overall musical composition and a drawing that acted as a remnant of the performance. This performance is the most recent iteration of an ongoing project of the same title, in which sound and drawing are translated back and forth in a game of telephone.

In February of 2013, I made a set of drawings as a response to a solo flute concert that Rachel curated and performed. With these drawings, I performed gestures of iteration: one mark tries to follow a musical line in each of the pieces on the concert and any following marks attempt to repeat the first, but ultimately gets translated into a new form that echos the preceding. Rachel made fixed audio pieces based on my drawings by assigning a sound to each of the linear gestures. Those were then measured within the proportions of the page and put into a two minute framework. The translation of the Script-Rescript drawings into flute pieces (some with sine tones and white noise) created a completely new sonic landscape for the flute. By working separately, we realized that there were elements that leant themselves to a live realization of the project, which was performed in May 2014. We are looking to push the ear-to-eye-to-ear translation into a developed way of composing both visually and musically.