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Andy Best

first performed on April 26, 2014
Media Centre Lume, Helsinki, Finland
performed twice in 2014


Helsinki, Finland


“Bodycount” was the first performance in a triptych of works. Each consisted of an object specifically made for each performance. The performances explored ways of presenting selfhood and identity in relation to death and the inevitable in three segments: as a consumer, in a time of crisis and within a funeral ceremony.

“Bodycount” is a performance that situates itself within a giant suit. Meticulously sewn by hand from hundreds of discarded cuddly toys, the suit resembles a cute, soft and colorful fur coat. However it weighs over 45 kilos and is uncomfortable, hot, rigid and next to impossible to wear, let alone to move in. Because only headless toys were used to make the suit, when worn the only head that appears is that of the performer.

In each of the two performances I attempted to wear the suit. It was initially performed inside the gallery of Lume Center in Helsinki. During it I managed to squirm inside the suit and a struggle to stand up ensued. Once finally standing I realized that getting out of it would be another struggle.

The second time it was performed outdoors in Espoon Keskus as a part of OBJECT, a contemporary sculpture, installation and environmental art exhibition. There I first dragged the suit inside the shopping mall Espoontori. After descending from the escalators to the plaza of the mall I squeezed myself into the suit, this time with the intention to actually walk while wearing it. From the plaza I managed to make my way through an adjacent shopping mall ending up inside the local community center where I finally allowed myself to peel the suit off.