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Christina deRoos

first performed on February 20, 2014
Detroit Contemporary, Detroit, MI
performed once in 2014


Detroit, MI


never enough but enough but not all i have but all i give and yet it really isn’t enough and yet it really is all i do while my heroes did/do/will do more this is all i do and i know it is really both not enough and enough and the most selfish thing is the most selfless thing and yet i’m sure it really is never enough unless i’m wrong and later i find out it was/is/will be just right

“enough/\not/\enough” was a performative, stream-of-consciousness meditation on the physical, emotional and mental experiences of self-doubt, failure and letting go. The work specifically explored the repercussions of partial to full disconnects between personal values and lived experience.

In an otherwise empty space, over the course of approximately two hours, I responded to sights and sounds from other performers as well as audience members while creating an increasingly complicated structure around myself. The start of the performance involved unpacking two drawers placed on the floor which contained string, twine, scissors, markers, a hammer and push pins. The bulk of the performance alternated between building a protective/restrictive home of string and twine, using overheard phrases as prompts to explore the performance theme in writing on the wall behind me, folding dollar bills into hearts and giving them away, cutting dollar bills into confetti and doing nothing.

“enough/\not/\enough” was presented as part of the Creative [performance art] Incubator, in which multiple artists presented durational work simultaneously throughout an art space.