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Kineret Haya Max

first performed on December 13, 2013
Hadar Community Center, Haifa, Israel
performed once in 2013


Helsinki, Finland


The performance “Through the Screen” can be seen as a critical note on the abundant use of screens in daily life. Looking via screens creates a definite distance from what is perceived. Communication via screens only allows for indirect contact.

The venue had a huge mirror the length of the room. I asked the audience to face the mirror/screen on the other side of the room and then started polishing the mirror. When ready, I took out a framed glass plate, literally putting a screen between me and the audience. I showed them my bare leg, my bare belly and then my face behind the plate.

I then took up contact with members of the audience. First, I went to somebody and placed my hand on the glass. She responded by putting her hand on the other side. Then, I went to somebody else and placed my cheek on the plate. He responded by blowing some air on the plate. Last, I went to somebody new and put my lips on the screen. She did likewise.

Next, I offered the glass plate to the audience. A man took it.

I ended the action by standing in front of the mirror facing the audience, going down flat on the floor just below the mirror and then rolling myself towards the audience. Standing up, I joined them, staring at our reflection.