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Consuela Boyer

first performed on December 13, 2013
Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA
performed once in 2013


College Park, GA /


This work explores contemporary stereotypes of African American women. According to various sources, The Angry Black Woman (ABW), The Gold-digging Black Woman (GBW) and the Independent Black Woman (IBW) are the only three categories given to African American women. Within my work, each has been personified in the characters of Le-Ah Blaque (ABW), Anna-Renae Blaque (GBW) and Tiffany Blaque (IBW), all of which I have adopted and enacted.

In Blaque Intro, a portrait is taken of each persona. This is to be an introduction to what will be a larger, collective body of work. Each portrait is printed large in order to be more confrontational. Also, each print has a different hue of color in the background. There is also a live performance where each character is able to address the audience.

Within my research of each stereotype that I have presented, I have learned that at least two of the personas have their own Wikipedia page with extensive pieces of information about their origin. It is as if these stereotypes are being treated as actual people, celebrities even. As “celebrities,” each character deserves a large photograph and a live interview.

Within the live interview, I come as one of the characters that I have created and converse with my audience as that character. I create an open forum for the audience to ask me anything they may please about the work and about the characters themselves.