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Alessia Bombaci / Antic Teatre

first performed on November 1, 2013
Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, Denmark
performed five times in 2013


Berlin, Germany


The index finger indicates, touches, clicks, threatens, cheers, accuses, questions, identifies, counts, presses, communicates, confirms, points out, emphasizes, denies, hypnotizes, teaches, pollutes, protests, photographs, challenges…how many things can be done just by moving a finger?

“iPerf” is a digital performance dealing with the performativity of the index finger in our information-society and its relationship with new communication technologies. How are these technologies changing the concepts of presence and absence? What role is the touch and the haptic playing in our predominantly audiovisual culture? To what extent is the loss of movement and physical contact related to the increased use of the index finger? In which direction do the fingers that touch screens point? How do you make a performance moving just one finger?

“iPerf” is a constantly evolving performance based on algorithmic compositions and actions in the cloud. It’s a programmed performance conceived for both white cube and stage and is everytime presented in a new, updated, version.

In relation to the audience, “iPerf” explores the concepts of interpassivity, tutorial and user. The performance is built upon short actions that I have filmed with my Smartphone and uploaded as tutorials via YouTube. The tutorial can be understood as an index finger showing how to do things. That’s why these videos are basically short actions using the index finger that reflect upon the (un)touchable, the digital and the semiotic and iconographic complexity related to the index finger and its historical consequences.