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first performed on October 13, 2013
Basement 6, Shanghai, China
performed once in 2013


Rennie Pan, Xinxian Wang

Shanghai, China /


A floral art performance attempting to present a fresh kind of art to the audience through the combined feeling of watching, hearing and smelling.

The performance imitated the process of giving birth to a baby. Moyo acted as a surgeon, while Xin and I acted as two nurses. The “woman” is made from flowers and vegetables. At the beginning, flowers and vegetables are piled up on the table. No one had any idea of the work Moyo wanted to show us. He then took out the electronic saw, cutting pumpkins, broccoli and other beautiful flowers in his own way.

Everyone in the room was involved in the process. We saw the woman’s figure gradually come out of a pile of vegetables, heard the noise of cutting flowers and smelled the scent of fresh flowers. The room was very crowded and noisy, but, on the other hand, sort of quiet. We were all expecting the new life.

We want to bring something new, a kind of art that can present feelings both noisy and quiet to our audience and get them involved in the performance.