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Cat Tyc

first performed on October 4, 2013
St. Marks Poetry Project, New York, NY
performed once in 2013


Eric Barry Drasin

Brooklyn, NY


Using Charles Olson’s theory from his “Projective Verse” essay about the page as a “map of phenomena,” I gave a performance that worked from Olson’s essay and extended it, seeing a video frame or immediate space as also playing the role of map to conduit phenomena.

To do this, I collaborated with Eric Drasin, who was manipulating imagery in an open source program called VDMX.

The piece is a combination of different experiences I had during Occupy: a reaction to a dismissive interaction with an activist more interested in her celebrity than helping people; a reaction to a sign I saw saying, “My future is not yours to leverage”; and then later, thoughts I was having while taking the streets after the Trayvon Martin verdict.

I wanted to play with the parallel of having this “personal” text be the voice of the people, so I walked around in the audience and asked people to read sections while Eric recorded it back to blend into a noise crash that I scored for the finale of the piece.

A recording is here: