project image
Christian Celi

first performed on September 6, 2013
Glasshouse, Brooklyn, NY
performed three times in 2013


Lima, Perú


“Revolution” is framed by my own context, the country of Peru: a divided nation with a history of colonization, authoritarianism, patriarchy and corruption, in which ideological discourses about race, social class and gender—which place individuals in fixed categories—still in large part determine relationships between people.

In this context, the artist reflects on how these elements have influenced the individuals that form this collective, their actions, and their inactions. She delves into her own pessimism and asks the following questions: How do we have hope in spite of a long and ongoing history of disenchantment? How do we express ourselves in the world after a history of repression and oppression?

The project is an installation of three video-recorded actions that brings the idea of “The Revolution” and some concepts associated with it (Unity, Power and Movement), to contrast them with fictitious and symbolic situations that have a base in reality. It proposed a version of “revolution” from a critical eye, from the acceptance of ourselves and our circumstances, without pretensions or glories.

One of the three video actions is “Unit/y,” the unity of oneself. A person in pajamas standing still in the early morning, in an old, declining neighborhood, at a time of great economic progress in the country. Nothing extraordinary happens, only the beginning of a new day.