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Freya Björg Olafson

first performed on September 5, 2013
Asper Centre for Theatre & Film at the University of Winnipeg, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
performed four times in 2013


Hugh Conacher

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


At the intersection of performance, visual and digital arts, “HYPER_” explores the limits of perception. By shifting the dimensionality of the live body in relationship to the immersive screen, “HYPER_” moves between 2D and 3D representations of corporeality. “HYPER_” inherently becomes a site for expanded choreography where virtual bodies, cyber dancers and the contemporary reinterpretation of everyday gestures converge. The performer’s physique is dissected and transformed, disappearing and merging with the stage and screen. Animated by a series of transformations, layered and colorful, the body becomes our dreamscape. “HYPER_” deploys an intriguing combination of UV light, body paint, 3D glasses for the audience and large video projections on a black scrim, creating stunning illusions and features lighting design by Hugh Conacher.

Improvisation with technology has been essential to the development of “HYPER_.”

A significant portion of the movement was sourced from videos of two young children dancing for the camera. Aware of being watched, they follow their physical impulses, often layered with social code. They display a keen ability to maintain constant partial attention on what occurs both internally and externally in their physical improvisations. Additionally, I created three video works that exist as movement studies developed on virtual bodies engaging with the imposed physical and perceptual limitations of the internet. These “Keystroke Choreographies’” were developed as compositional studies, utilizing popular contemporary dance principles and techniques as a framework for the virtual choreography.