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Carla Torres

first performed on August 10, 2013
3rd EYE(sol)ation, Brooklyn, NY
performed once in 2013


Geraldo Mercado, DS Lee

New York, NY / Winnipeg, Canada


“The Geometers” was an unscripted performance in which collaborating performers silently improvised with various large geometric wearable sculptures within an installation that included a live feed video of the performer(s) projected onto a multiple geometric shaped backdrop and environment. Overall, this work was a collective presentation of non-verbal improvised body interaction, geometric wearable forms, geometric backdrop and environment, live feed video projections and large-scale drawings depicting performers within previous rehearsal environments for “The Geometers.” The performance’s minimal audio component presented only frictional sounds of the geometric sculptures against the floor and the performers’ bodies, as well as the occasional verbal interaction of audience members with performers.

“The Geometers” presented a performative negotiation between mathematical geometry and live bodily improvisation. In this performance work and in previous works, a digital environment simultaneously delves into a corporeal mix of technology, geometry, fragmentation and replication, with the technology and geometry metaphorically becoming a prosthesis for the body and the body’s senses.

In “The Geometers,” as in previous works, the roles of performer and audience are blurred as audience members interact with the installation, becoming additional ad hoc performers within it. “The Geometers” is part of a trajectory that includes more than a decade of collaborative performance work transformed into live feed video projected environments with drawings and paintings.