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Marcio Carvalho

first performed on July 19, 2013
Miami Beach Botanical Garden, Miami, FL
performed once in 2013


Mexico City, Mexico


In the first phase of the event, I interacted with a soda vending machine. I pulled dollar bills from my wallet that were then introduced into the machine for cans of soda. I repeated this action several times until I got a considerable amount of these products which I kept in a piece of hand luggage.

Inside a space located next to the hallway, a video is projected without sound that is associated with military marches from different Latin American countries. It refers particularly to nations that had dictatorial regimes heavily promoted by the U.S. during the Cold War. The opening scenes of the video observe a single military marching in a sequence that is repeated several times. During this period, I take out of my backpack two cans of soda. I take one in each hand and hit them consecutively on the floor in order to simulate the crack that boots produce welded to tread. This action is repeated until a new scene is observed in which two militaries advance. At that moment, I took two other soda cans and offer them to a volunteer in order to, together, pretend that the sound it makes is progress. As the projection runs, increasingly soldiers are added. When this happens, I offer the audience more sodas to produce more noise, until finally we become a crowd. During this period, I knock a few cans open accidentally, letting the liquid spill on the floor of the site.

In the final stage of the video, images are projected of historical and political scenes from the years of dictatorial regimes in ‘60s and ‘70s Latin America. While participants continue to produce the cracking of cans on the floor, I stand in front of them and take off my shirt. I place it on my head and wrap it around my face, revealing only my eyes. Then I fit a couple of cans to one of the participants and run quickly to the outside of the place and throw soda at the green areas of the botanical garden. I repeat the same action with the other soda cans until they are exhausted and there are no more spewing projectiles.