project image
Whitney Browne

first performed on July 9, 2013
Farm Project Space and Gallery, Wellfleet, MA
performed once in 2013


Sara Genoves-Sylvan, Han­nah Kraf­cik, Zoe Rabi­nowitz, Mikey Rioux

Brooklyn, NY


“Refrain” cre­ates a cycli­cal chore­og­ra­phy through the writ­ing of a repeated phrase. A pre­cisely crafted move­ment incan­ta­tion, these danced refrains pro­duce a visual doc­u­ment that, like their per­for­mance, expands the orig­i­nal phrase through imper­fect rep­e­ti­tion. The first refrains performed were excerpted from John Cage’s 1959 Lec­ture on Noth­ing and his 1951 Lec­ture on Something.

Refrain Score:

Write a single phrase 500 times.

Begin in the same place each time.

Do not lift pencil from paper while writing.

Do not look at the paper while writing.

Keep your free hand touching the wall while writing.

To mark each repetition, move a stone.