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Wei Hsinyen / Lee Yurong

first performed on June 11, 2013
five different locations in Taipei, Taiwan
performed five times in 2013


Chang Mein Mein, Lee Yurong

Taipei, Taiwan & Chicago, IL


It can only be two girls biting.

The goal is to leave bite marks. Not too strong, not too gentle.

Only the marks matter.

And the sensation.

I enjoy the sensation.


A merry-go-round where kids play

A youth park where older people exercise

A business district for business

A shopping center for shopping

I then realized the performers had to be two girls,

It had to be you, it had to be me.

It is about love and hate, or it can be.

It is about being gentle and being violent, or it can be.

It is about intimacy and creating distance, or it can be.

“Biting You” is a live performance art piece that in the end becomes a video that happened in five different locations in Taipei, Taiwan. Two women dressed in bright yellow tank tops and pants slowly and gently(?) bite and leave bite marks on each other for approximately seven minutes. The people in the five locations sometimes observe, ignore or interact with them. “Biting You” is a live performance, a video work, a practice, an action, a workshop and an exercise.