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Antibody Corporation

first performed on March 23, 2013
Yates Gallery, Chicago, IL
performed three times in 2013


Adam Rose

Chicago, IL


I was invited by the Chicago Cultural Center to perform a dance in response to the electro-acoustic sound installation “Prairie” by artist Shawn Decker. Described by Decker: “[‘Prairie’] … is made up of 432 thin rods with small speakers at the tip and with vibration motors near the base. Each of these stems is independent and issues small clicks and buzzes, controlled by a central computer program.” I decided the intention for my performance response would be to attempt to interact with the installation telekinetically.

I wrote the following description as promotion for the performance: “Antibody will further its work in mind-body and occult research by attempting to interact with the installation “Prairie” telekinetically. Telekinesis, or movement at a distance, proposes the possibility of moving physical objects by mental effort alone, without the use of physical touch. Recent research into telekinesis has studied how human consciousness may influence random number generators and digital machinery. Antibody returns to the origin of the mind-body problem by performing the pain brought about by efforts towards dematerialization as a spiritual ideal. The future is physical, and Antibody involves the mind in physical work.”

I performed “Telekinesis Experiment No. 1” over the course of three days during three-hour blocks on each day. I did not stay in the gallery space strictly for the entire three hours, but allowed myself entrances and exits, disappearing and reappearing like a zoo animal.