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Kyle Parsons

first performed on March 18, 2013
Grace Exhibition Space, Brooklyn, NY
performed once in 2013


Brooklyn, NY


A single overhead light lit the performance area, where eight cups of pudding sat in a kidney shape outlining the light on the floor. The single light provided high contrast and the familiarity of basements/workshops/interrogation rooms. The viewers stood watching the area. I entered from behind the crowd into the light. I removed my hat and sunglasses and unbuttoned my working-man’s jumpsuit. I lay on the ground and writhed forward out of the suit without using my arms or legs. Now in an undershirt and diaper, I sat with either leg around the first cup. I jabbed it into my teeth to pop the cover and immediately squeezed its contents into my mouth. I shouted “Bingo,” and the pudding burst from my mouth and landed on and in front of me. I scooted forward to the next cup with my hands, sitting on my behind in a position similar to a dog scraping his ass. I repeated this process at each cup and, as I moved forward, my body and behind became covered in pudding and left a brown trail connecting the dots of the kidney shape. When each cup was empty, I returned to my jumpsuit and writhed backwards into it. I stood up, buttoned my suit, put my cap and glasses back on and exited.

The purpose of the work is to function. An artist making work and an audience receiving the made work unconceals truth. I believe this is essential to our evolution: culturally and physically.

The broadest version of the issue I’m influenced by/”addressing” would be the arrogance of mankind: its belief in (or insistent denial of) superiority over all life, including itself.

A lot of source material is derived from my upbringing as a poor white kid and my adult life as an even poorer white man in a culture where my skin and sex are the “ultimate” advantage.