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Otis Ike

first performed on January 23, 2013
Auditorium, Houston, TX
performed twelve times in 2013


Houston, TX


#1 Signing Ceremony

The Art Guys spent eight hours signing their names in a public signing ceremony. A drawing was produced by this event using 101 ceremonial pencils. Presented in collaboration with the Houston Public Library and presented on National Handwriting Day.

#2 The Art Guys walk The Longest Street In Houston

Beginning at the farthest east end of Little York Road at Mesa Drive in Houston and proceeding west past Fry Road, The Art Guys walked the entire length of Little York Road, the longest street in Houston. The distance is approximately 29.6 miles.

#3 The Art Guys mark the Cardinal Points of Houston

The Art Guys select something gathered from the cardinal points of Houston and displace this material around in a counter clockwise fashion.

#4 The Art Guys conduct the sounds of the Ship Channel in Symphony No. 1 for The Ship Channel

#5 The Art Guys unwind, and then rewind, A Length of String

In 1983, The Art Guys bought a spool of string thinking that this string would be useful for many applications and projects. Since that time, this spool of string has remained virtually unused. Beginning at 9:00 a.m., The Art Guys unravel this spool of string by walking. After the spool of string has been completely unwound, The Art Guys reverse their tracks and rewind the string back onto its spool.

#6 Shake Hands With The Art Guys

The Art Guys make themselves available to anyone who wishes to shake their hands. Presented throughout the day for eight hours in a public, pedestrian location so that anyone may participate. Presented on National Handshake Day.

#7 Never Not Funny

The Art Guys tell jokes for 8 hours.

#8 Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

#9 Intersection

The Art Guys repetitively traverse the busiest street intersection in Houston, first in one direction for four hours (clockwise), then in the other direction for four hours (counter clockwise).

#10 There Ought To Be A Law

The Art Guys suggested new laws that they think should be passed in Houston by making a presentation to the City Council of Houston.

#11 Loop

The Art Guys use a van or bus, utilize drivers and drive the I-610 loop around Houston for 24 hours—twelve hours in one direction, then twelve hours in the opposite direction. While in transit, The Art Guys make themselves available to all media to share the experience with as wide an audience as possible.

The Art Guys activate a cell phone with a dedicated number during the event so audiences can speak with The Art Guys. Audiences used Glympse on their smart phones, tablets and computers to track The Art Guys in real time.

#12 The Art Guys Agree On Painting, Again, This Time From Thirty Feet Up

An anti-elaborate pseudo-recreation of the very first Art Guys piece, wherein Jack and Mike stuck their hands in buckets of paint, shook hands over a piece of paper, and declared themselves “The Art Guys.” They dip their hands into buckets of paint and shake hands while 30 feet above the ground. A painting is created by this event.