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Chocolate Factory Theater

first performed on November 28, 2012
Chocolate Factory Theater, Long Island City, NY
performed four times in 2012


Matt Bauder, Madeline Best, Sam Ekqurtzel, Pau Atela, Arturo Vidich

Brooklyn, NY


“Centripetal Run” was an evening-length original theater production in collaboration with my close friends from different fields and combining math experiments, timber framing, multi-instrumentalism, dance, sculpture, lighting design and performance art. In a dark basement, there was a specifically-lit installation with melting ice blocks hung by colorful shoelace netting, whose sounds were captured through contact microphones attached to mixing bowls underneath them. The sounds were transmitted to the upstairs theater space during the performance, mixed in with live music.

The performance upstairs started with Pau Atela’s pendulum prologue and seamlessly shifted into a series of sculptural and musical interactions with the other performers. The performers were influenced by huge heavy sculptures that occupied the height of the theater. Sometimes they moved them in direct or unexpected ways. Each action revealed a different possibility of how the sculptures and instruments occupied the space. The performance culminated with my speech about the formation of the universe around panties and the importance of 100 percent commitment to your underwear style, as I climbed up to a chair embedded up high in a sloped wall.

The piece was a return to theater after I had been working in a gallery space for a few years. By promoting a committed attitude for one’s choice of underwear, I spoke to the importance of devotion to each medium of making and to each choice in life.