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Tyler James Lumm

first performed on November 26, 2012
Columbus 012 Performance Space at School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL
performed once in 2012


Chicago, IL


A statement describing the purpose and tasks embodying “One-Year Performance 2012-2013 (Maximize Potential)” was released to the public on November 26, 2012. Also on this day, I prepared for the challenges raised in the statement by performing a preliminary ritual. This entailed me shaving all of my body hair, starting from my toes to my head, while in the presence of a public audience. At the end of the preliminary, I took the first full-body nude photo required by the statement. Audience members of the preliminary received a copy of the statement document to keep. The statement reads:

“I, Arjuna Capulong, plan to do a one-year performance piece, beginning November 26, 2012 and ending November 26, 2013.

I will focus on transformation toward maximizing potential during the performance.

I have chosen three primary goals to work toward.

  1. Maximize my medium.

  2. Maximize the usage of my time.

  3. Maximize my art productivity.

I have prepared the following steps to prepare for these goals.

  1. I will take a full-body nude photograph of myself every day. This will aid me to be accountable for my medium.

  2. I will record all of my actions throughout the day, every day. This will aid me to be accountable for my time.

  3. I will write a response to the performance every week. This will aid me to think about the performance.

  4. I will create an art piece responding to the performance every month. This will aid me to produce art.

  5. I will NOT cut any of my hair for the duration of the performance. This will aid in illustrating my transformation over time.”

“One-Year Performance 2012-2013 (Maximize Potential)” is designed to help me work toward maximizing my own potential, however, I also intend to wrestle with my own notions concerning vulnerability, vanity, and productivity, particularly in relation to physical body image and mental thought. A public audience is invited to follow the performance through a blog that I maintain. This creates a dialogue between myself and the audience, and results in the performance altering itself in response.