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Christina deRoos

first performed on October 25, 2012
Center for Performance Research, Brooklyn, NY
performed twice in 2012


Rosa Sanchez, Alain Bauman, Thomas Bell, Christina deRoos, Paul (Magic) DiStefano, Miroslava Moreno & Eduard Gomez, Carme Puigdevall

Barcelona, Spain


“Cuerpo_SMS” is a multidisciplinary event that brings together live performance, audiovisual creation and interactive technology. “Cuerpo_SMS” refers to the changes of perception in interpersonal communication mediated by new technologies, and to the spaces that this mediation generates, a recurrent theme in Kònic Thtr’s work. The piece confronts the body with communication technologies, and explores how these technologies rewrite the body and change our understanding of place and the idea of presence.

In “Cuerpo_SMS,” several technological devices, such as cameras, tablets and light and movement sensors, are controlled by the audience to affect the visuals and create part of the music used in the dance. Audience choices by cell phone voting selected the theme for the evening’s performance. Tablet or cell phone texts of words and phrases from the audience further define the theme, and creative elements (sound, visuals, movements) are selected by the artists to reflect audience choices. Performers and audience members alike utilize light and movement sensors to co-create an improvised final sound landscape.

“Cuerpo_SMS” is a space to collaborate with local artists, presenting a site-specific event every time it is performed. Building from the initial materials brought by the company, the background and knowledge from collaborators expand the possibilities of the initial proposal. The piece reflects the culture of each audience, including the desire or hesitation to participate off stage or on stage.

In 2012, Kònic Thtr collaborated with Detroit-based artists Christina deRoos and Thomas Bell to enhance the visuals and sound elements of “Cuerpo_SMS.” Work in-progress showings took place at Whitdel Arts (Detroit, MI) and Tank 425 (Hazel Park, MI) in October while the work was in development during a residency with Spread Art (Detroit). The full performance of “Cuerpo_SMS” was presented October 25 and 26 at the Center for Performance Research in Brooklyn, NY, with additional collaborator Paul (Magic) DiStefano (dance/choreography).