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Eric Becker

first performed on September 8, 2012
I-90 Park, Seattle, WA
performed once in 2012


Seattle, WA / Oakland, CA


“Artwalking 101” was a series of tutorials given during the 2012 NEPO 5K Don’t Run, an artwalk event which leads participants along a route through Seattle with several site-specific art installations and performances along the way. Members of FICTILIS handed out pamphlets and led groups of people in a short clinic on what we called “Artwalking 101.” More from the pamphlet:

Artwalking is a form of human locomotion that incorporates movements not usually associated with the normal human gait; often dance-like, often an expression of joy, lightheartedness, or insouciance; may be done alone or in groups, in lines or rows; may incorporate props but does not require them; must get person(s) from one place to another.

Our intent was to extend the concept of artwalking used at an event which already purports to hold a comprehensive notion of the potential venues and forms for creative performance. Under the guise of a participatory educational clinic, drawing from various historical and current popular culture sources, we encouraged people to produce art during an event in which they are primarily involved in consuming it, the only way they can at such an event—while walking.

Some problems have already been identified by our predecessors. Again, from the pamphlet:

All children are artwalkers. The problem is how to remain an artwalker once we grow up.

The problem is not to make artful walks, but to walk artfully.

If there’s ever a boring artwalk, I practice artwalking and it’s no longer a boring artwalk. It’s artwalking.

—quotations modified from Picasso, Godard, Warhol