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Ludovic Cognets

first performed July 24, 2012
Bonnie Bird Theatre, London, UK
performed once in 2012


Jodi-Ann Nicholson, Teresa Noronha Feio, Panayotis Tofi, Jostein Avdem Freitland, Grzegorz Zajac, Andrew Hammond, Irina Sales Grade, Gala-me, Bonnie Bird Theatre

London, UK / Brussels, Belgium / Coimbra, Portugal


“Invited Guests” is a choreographic project about apathy. The intention was to create a piece that would speak about the dispossession of the body and of the limit to our non-involvement in what surrounds us.

The idea of a (less) inhabited, (un)occupied, body, was the main generator of movement material: whether in group phrases or in material where part of the body is “occupied.” Issues of collaboration and compilation and their precarious nature in the present time were taken into consideration. The project was constructed as a “playlist.” This concept would serve as a fundamental tool in the composition and contexts chosen for the piece to come alive on stage. But this playlist was also a means to speak about a dispossessed body—a non-engaged body. It concerns a bodily non-engagement and engages the limit about “our” non-involvement in what surrounds us. On closer inspection it can be seen as a comment on the exhausted nature of our times. Exhaustion resulting from excess: of image, of consuming, of sound or even of movement. It was in the refusal of time, in its extension even to the limit, or in concealing something apparently irrelevant written on a piece of paper, that this playlist found its relevance. What this “(un)occupied body” asks us further is also if the proscenium can still be a valid place to give visibility to these questions. This playlist functions as an open system, opened to the “now” and to the present conditions of my contemporaries, their affects and disaffects. By this I mean that it is open to change according to the context where it is played.

The permanent inarticulation that “Invited Guests” brings to stage, in the form of a list, is perhaps a metaphor for our discomfort, our incapacity faced with excess of information and extreme rapid changes in present times. This project is also an (un)ending search for what “liveness” on stage in can be in the present day.