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Marco Berardi

first performed on June 14, 2012
]performance s p a c e [, London, UK
performed twice in 2012


London, UK / Berlin, Germany

I am standing inside a closed transparent box, which has a petrol generator, a computer and a floodlight inside.

The petrol generator powers the computer and the floodlight.

I breathe through a gasmask with a tube connected to the outside air.

I use the computer to send Twitter messages.

The Tweets are projected onto a screen next to the box.

When the box has filled with exhaust and the oxygen has run out, the generator switches off.

As a result, the computer crashes and the performance ends.

Digital social networking is often considered a disembodied activity that plays an important role in practices of self-commodification and micro-celebrity (see for example: Alice E. Marwick and danah boyd (2010), “I tweet honestly, I tweet passionately: Twitter users, context collapse, and the imagined audience,” New Media & Society, 13(1) 114—133). “Biotope” seeks to reposition these phenomena in a radical material environment: whilst vainly displaying myself like a toy in a plastic box, I vanish in the smoke of my own carbon footprint.

Duration: seven minutes