project image
Piotr Redlinski

first performed on April 6, 2012
HERE, New York, NY
performed eight times in 2012


Ximena Garnica, Shige Moriya

New York, NY


Floating Point Waves

“Floating Point Waves” is an environment of strings, water, solo dance, real-time video and live electronic music that unveils the relationship between the human body and natural elements. Movement, water and light respond to one another as an organic causal chain unfolds, echoing that of our own natural world. Startling solo performance and exquisite design reverberate through the space, framing a landscape where beauty coexists with darkness.

In “Floating Point Waves,” 250 gallons of water were poured into a wooden frame creating an inch-deep pool, with a constantly shifting surface that grounded the dance as it reflected and refracted images, light and movement. A kinetic sculpture made of strings connected to a single axis formed a skeletal pyramid connected to the dancer’s body, vibrating with the dancer’s every movement, creating a metaphor for the interconnection of all the elements in our world.

Our work often deals with matter’s interconnection and constant state of becoming. “Floating Point Waves” furthered the artists’ exploration of transformation as a condition of the body, apprehending all that has yet to become; the possibilities of existence juxtaposed with the self-identity struggle of the social being; and the abstract visualization of movement as a kinetic space made of light.

This work’s highly-integrated synthesis of art installation, video, music and dance was conceived and designed by Colombian-born Ximena Garnica and Japanese-born Shige Moriya, with original live music by New York-based composer Jeremy D. Slater and additional lighting design by American-born Solomon Weisbard.