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Thibaud Larrieu-Gibier

first performed on March 3, 2012
The Naxos Bobine, Paris, France
performed four times in 2012


Paris, France


Originally coming from a video background, I make live video performances that incorporate an unusual video narrative setup that integrates a live figure who interacts with that which is on the screen, creating a tele-visual world where one character cannot exist without the other, or where the screen cannot exist without the live person and vice-versa. Sound design as well as music are major aspects to this work. The audio-visual elements, just like a linear video, are key to the performance.

The themes that I explore within my work are primarily the cultural conventions and stereotypes that exist within culture, and how we as individuals interact with these ideas that are presented to us on a mass level. I am interested in the construction of image and how we forge our own identities through this construction, but are bound to fail.

This is further explored in my most recent performance work, where I examine the “true self” in reference to the “projected self,” and whether we are ever real and not a projection (physically or philosophically). “It’s Not You, It’s Us” involves myself performing in front of the cinema screen, my live self interacting with the images that are being projected onto the screen. This is a time-based piece, scored so images are carefully placed on the screen in reference to where I am standing as the live performer, resulting in a direct interaction between the projected and the “real,” creating the illusion that everything is happening live.

To further play with the illusion of the “real” and “unreal,” the live self and the projected self, my own image is projected onto the screen, mimicking the “real” person standing in front of the screen. I play a number of different characters as part of my performance, all of whom will also be seen on the screen and who interact with one another.

Also performed at Dimanche Rouge at Divan du Monde, Barcelona at the Visual Brazil Festival and Tallinn, Estonia at Culture Factory Polymere. Upcoming performance as part of Remote Encounters in Cardiff, Wales April, 2013.