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Paul Hawkins

first performed on November 16, 2011
Bournemouth, UK, Bournemouth, UK
performed five times in 2011


Ignatius Harling, Libby Bellhouse, Paul Hawkins, Dave Walker, Adam Liddell

Bournemouth, UK


Street theater performance based around the theme of the dangers of alcohol intoxication and addiction.

Three actors. Two put on full face masks that have the image of the third person`s face on them. With their backs to the audience, all three go through gestures that portray the act of drinking interspersed with a hand beckoning. Middle (unmasked) actor turns round to face audience and speaks lines portraying desperation, the social/cultural pressures/advertising to drink alcohol and addiction. The other two actors turn to face the audience with masks on. All three identical actors go through actions and middle actor speaks more lines. Two masked actors force other actor to drink more and more. Minimal dialogue. Middle actor collapses. The other two actors walk away into crowd. Wait. Then remove masks. Audience members feel joined yet separate.

The performance is meant to challenge cultural assumptions and encourage feelings of discomfort, confrontation, and the dangers of addiction/alcoholism. It raises issues around addiction/alcoholism. It is designed to provoke internal dialogue and feelings. It raises immediate issues around their own uses of mind-altering substances, especially legal ones (i.e. alcohol), for individual members of the audience. Challenging stereotypes and advertising, it promotes discussion and the dissemination of information.