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María Barquero

first performed on October 29, 2011
Braojos, Madrid, Spain
performed three times in 2011


Igor Domsac, Ian Aüake, Mario Vega

Madrid, Spain


A distressful storm of visuals, lights, smoke, and sounds comes from a techno-human entity programmed to steal people’s dreams. A dancer, trapped among different layers of chiffon where all the sensorial stimuli are shot, runs away from this machine by creating a dream from the individual dreams of the audience members.

We projected this piece to talk about the importance of our dreams and our unconscious to sculpt reality, while we are connecting with others and awakening a greater consciousness. By over-stimulating the senses with visuals and sounds, we tried to switch off the rational side used to label everything and connect to the magic worlds shaped by our dreams and imaginations. If we don’t dream our own dream, we will dream what other people want us to dream.

It was performed in a beautiful village in the mountains during a daylong artistic barter. None of the three performers knew what was going to happen. There was something out there to find, and we keep growing with new discoveries.