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Tim Hunt

first performed on October 9, 2011
O U I Performance, York, UK
performed twice in 2011


Paris, France


“Fireworks Cancelled” showed the failed attempt of building a performance in a minimal focus. This included a series of useless actions and a new consideration of audience expectations.

I used a microphone linked to a speaker and asked the people that consider themselves to be artists to leave the space. I left the speaker inside. The “artists” and myself were standing outside, facing a wide window, and looking at the audience left inside.

Through the microphone I spoke about the absurdity of the distance I set up in making this categorization.

Meanwhile I was pointing out the fact that I was wasting time making people realize that they were waiting for nothing.

Their expectations were in fact what I wanted to question.

Then I asked a member of the artist crew to announce “battle ships” positions, to echo the fact that the space division blurred awareness of the situation and increased the nonsense.

I went back inside and fired a smoke bomb that filled the entire room and improved the distance between both sides. I tried to swallow the smoke with a vacuum cleaner, surely a vain attempt.

No need to create more actions: you don’t need to have more expectations.