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Yoko Ishiguro

first performed on July 12, 2011
Fuji-Copo 102 and gallery OGU MAG, Tokyo, Japan
performed once in 2011


Tokyo, Japan / London, UK


In this performance, I moved all my things from my apartment at Fuji-Copo to a nearby art gallery (OGU MAG). I carried all my things by myself with the help of my bicycle over the course of one entire week. Audience members could go to either the apartment or the art gallery first, and then to the other site. Sometimes, they saw me at some point in between those two places, moving my stuff.

At Fuji-Copo, audiences were instructed by notes to enter one by one. Each spectator entered and wandered around alone, led by an audio guide on an MP3 player. The audio guide described the objects in the apartment. Things were constantly being moved out/in. I was moving. The contents of the apartment moved.

In the second week, after I finished moving, I stayed at the gallery OGU MAG. By this time, when audiences entered my former apartment at Fuji-Copo, it was empty, though they still followed the audio guide which described the apartment as it had been. At OGU MAG, the audience could enter one by one and see all the things I had moved from Fuji-Copo. OGU MAG was full of piled “objects,” including me. Finally, I called a trash disposal man and he took everything away, dumped it all on a truck and drove away. I was left only with one suitcase.

I was very interested in “distance,” in physical, psychological, inter-personal, social, and semantic distance. Two points generate a distance (“here” and “there” generate “between”). Semantically, those two points make dichotomies and help us categorize and recognize things, though this also allows for discrimination and misjudgement. Subjectivity/objectivity, art/my life, close/far, presence/absence, you/me, like/dislike, etc. are often tracks we automatically follow and, through those points, we locate things on the maps in our minds. However, those two points are constantly moving so that the distances in between are also changing almost fluidly. We can imagine the two points on the different plates on the earth which caused Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami on March 11, 2011; an atom and a neutron which generate nuclear power in Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant; and my ex-husband and me who divorced. These couples (two points on the earth, an atom/a neutron, him/me) and dramatic changes of those distances in between were all equally beyond my understanding. Therefore, as a challenge to grasp them all together, I created this moving/performance/installation.