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Miles Pflanz/Laura Bluher

first performed on July 4, 2011
junkyard at Morgan/Johnson, Brooklyn, NY
performed three times in 2011


Brooklyn, NY


Fin de siecle

New York City: sickly sweet and in the summer sticky. The passing annoyance of clothes sticking to skin and the sweet sickness of peeling them off. Appropriation in art has hit a dead end, but what if it is a city and all of the resources in the city that one wants to appropriate? Excusable, at the very least. “Naked, Find Clothes” has been performed on three occasions, only once documented.

In a global fashion hub, there is, at the intersection of Morgan and Johnson in Brooklyn, a junkyard filled with clothes that have been rotting for some time. An unfortunate waste considering the clothes might have been nice to wear. I’m not sure who needs clothes to wear or who needs cool clothes to wear, but these are very damaged so don’t look here. Poor consideration of resources is a specialized occupation all over the world and here the contradiction of overproduction, consumer banalities, and extreme wealth gaps bear rotten fruit. Or fucking rags as it were.

A few naked boys ravaged the park in the search for the perfect outfit. It wasn’t very expensive, the clothes weren’t very appealing, they were very dirty, and no one left dressed fresh to death. Also performed at an American Apparel with some very concerned staff and by a group of people upon waking. Anyone can perform this composition, but do it right: with extreme exposure and vulnerability and a desperate search for a way to simply cover it up. Maybe the perfect outfit will be found and we can all take turns wearing it.