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Thomas Lenden

first performed on June 10, 2011
Das Arts, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
performed twice in 2011


Johanna Biesewig, Jan Langedijk, Petra Ardai

Lisbon / Amsterdam / London


A performance about political representation, where two actors propose themselves as candidates to be representatives of the audience.

Informed by notions such as participation and theater, representation, character and acting, matters of concern and common affairs, “Act 2” played from the idea that what represents us most is what we have in common.

The performance-game had three parts:

Getting to know you: candidates present themselves personally, where do they come from and imagine going to, why do they like some things more than others, who are the people they go along with, what are their guilty pleasures, how do they see themselves.

How to represent: in a formal speech format, candidates describe how, as actors, they represent a character, from warm up to acting methods or interacting with colleagues on stage.

Vote: the candidates answer a round of questions posed by the audience, after which the audience is invited to elect one of the candidates on a voting machine placed on stage. The elected actor is festively announced, taking a Seat among the audience.