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Sam Duncan

first performed on January 24, 2011
Links Hall, Chicago, IL
performed twice in 2011


Chicago, IL


I want to invite you on a ride, a Truck Ride.

“Truck Rides” is a performance work that literally invites an audience member to a one-on-one performance within the intimate space of a badass truck cab. In that intimate space I tell, into my passenger, the journey of my estranged biological father living inside of me and our relationship coming full-circle. Looking back and within, my rear view mirror is a main prop, eyes into you, passenger, I sing my tale to you. Fourteen tracks were made as prop and prompter for fourteen mini performances. Each a part of the full disclosure story. Each one different, depending on how far my co-pilot is willing to go.

The Problem is We Are One.

i am u.

u am me.

The problem is I can feel you, even when I do not want to.

The problem is I have always wanted to.

Roll down the windows with me, let’s go for a ride.

U n me.

Let’s let the dry air singe our hair.

Let’s smoke cigarettes and throw the butts on a dirt road.

Let’s sing “Red Dirt Girl” and pretend that time has not begun to grow.

Let’s “lay back and swerve like we are George Jones with ice cold beer sittin in the console.”

Let’s make dust donuts and laugh.

I want to invite you on a ride, a Truck Ride.

Cross this bridge with me.

The problem is you exude me. Truck culture. My ride, ur ride, hot rod, makin out in the cab, on the back bed, horses all around.

That part wasn’t all u.

IT WAS / IS me too.

The trouble with “Truck Rides” and what it exudes; passengers have sometimes confused this work as cruising, not work at all, a telling into them about me and them when

it is about Me n U.